More speed less waste

Combining NRCS control with forward-looking, networked news production, Hive enables journalists to quickly and easily publish stories, whenever, wherever.

Integration, not disruption

They can use the same tools they always have. They can read the wires, pull video, edit it, collaborate with remote correspondents and other journalists – just like traditional NRCS operations – but now they can take it much further.

They can create different versions for different media, publishing fast and allowing partners to brand their versions. Only now they can do it without the need to waste time jumping from old system to new system, from broadcast-first to internet-first.

Plus they can add in new capabilities whenever they need to and have them instantly available from within the NRCS.

If the system you choose doesn’t work for journalists (the people actually responsible for telling the story) then you won’t get the quality, the editorial expertise or the value you require… more importantly, you won’t get your audience’s attention.